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November 30, 2005

Retailers Caving To Secularists


I know I'm not the only person upset with what is happening to Christmas as represented by major U.S. retailers. In our house we have taken a stance by boycotting those retailers who refuse to recognize Christmas by name in their ads and in-store banners. My wife wrote this letter to Sears and sent similar emails to WalMart and Target;

"Since we only go "Christmas" gift shopping this time of year, we won't
buy anything from a store too afraid to say the words. We also now
regret buying our last 3 major appliances from Sears. Christmas
(and Hannukah) are holidays with religious origins, Christmas shopping
has become totally secularized for merchandising. Corporations that
decide to ignore the religious origins of the Christmas season bow to will of an absolute minority at the expense of an overwhelming majority. These actions also lead to resentment
against non-Christians because it seems that Christians are now supposed
to be embarassed and/or apologetic for having a religious holy day that
is also a national holiday. You have taken political correctness to a
ridiculous and insulting extreme."

I am mulling over an idea to start an online petition for the 2006 Christmas season. My focus would be firefighters asking the major retailers to reconsider their dimished appreciation of our holiest day of the calender year.
How much weight would a petition with the names of hundreds of thousands of America's Bravest carry?
If I decide to do it I will publish the particulars here.

Merry Christmas readers!


November 26, 2005

Top Links For Firefighter Gift Shopping


Yahoo Shopping



AOL Shopping

November 19, 2005

A Week Away From Computers!

I'm taking a week away with my wife and kids for a boat ride off the Mexico coast. My parents are coming along so this will be an extra special time away.

Thanksgiving at sea should be interesting--no cooking--no dishes--no fuss!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! God Bless America and our brave troops fighting for us in Afghanistan and Iraq.


November 12, 2005

Fire Resources; Hong Kong

Hong Kong fire services utilise an impressive array of emergency equipment. Hong Kong is home to 7 million people. Neighborhoods are densely populated and mostly vertical.

Take a look at this link which provides a comprehensive photo display of the equipment they use.

November 11, 2005

Thank You Veterans

Veteran's Day and time to pause and reflect on the contributions made by members of my family that served including my father, 4 uncles, sister, and a brother, sister and father in-law.

Photo's from About.com

November 10, 2005

Firefighter Blog Looking For Guest Writers

Hello readers, I am inviting any firefighter, EMT, retired or active to send anything you think may be relevant for posting on this blog.
You may submit just about anything fire or rescue related to Mikeswebmail@gmail.com. Want to profile your station, department or engine company? All submissions used will include a link to your site or department site.
I have a few personal commitments over the next few weeks and my ability to post frequently will be impacted. I look forward to reader participation!

November 07, 2005

Off Topic: Cheerleader Story


Fox Sports reports two Carolina Panther cheerleaders were arrested for fighting in a Tampa Florida bar after the team's victory only hours before.

I know this slightly off topic here but the subject fascinates me! Plus I get twice the hits when I post a picture of good looking women!!

November 02, 2005

A.P., Fire Season Over

BOISE, Idaho AP (Daily News link)

--" More than 8.2 million acres of state and federal lands were scorched across the country during the 2005 wildfire season, the most since the record year of 2000 and nearly double an average fire year.

"But it wasn't really a bad fire season per se," said Terry Marsha, a U.S. Department of Interior fire weather analyst in Portland, Ore. "This could be characterized as a grass fire and rangeland fire year throughout the West rather than a timber fire year."

The season-ending "National Wildland Fire Outlook" report, issued Tuesday by state and federal fire forecasters in the interagency National Predictive Services Group headquartered here, found the 56,850 fires reported in the 2005 season was 81 percent of average while the more than 12,700 square miles burned was 177 percent of average. The report covers wildfire activity on state and federal land across the United States, although a majority of the burning occurs in the western U.S. and Alaska.

In the West this season, heavy spring rains spurred record growth of grassy fuels in rangelands while a cool summer in the higher elevations kept timber stands moist.

"Often this season, we saw fires that started in the grass, then went out as soon as they got into timber," Marsha said.

More than half the acreage burned this season was in Alaska, where 4.4 million acres had burned through Oct. 30, compared to an annual average of 1.4 million but short of the historical high of 6.6 million acres in 2002. The western Great Basin region of eastern Nevada, western Utah and southern Idaho accounted for more than 1 million acres burned this year, compared to the annual average of 379,000 acres.

"Nevada as a state was way higher than normal," said Anne Jeffery of the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise. "There were areas in Nevada that traditionally had 500 pounds per acre of fine, grassy fuels that were showing 2,000 to 3,000 pounds of grass per acre this season."

Federal agencies are still calculating 2005 suppression costs, but the Department of Interior's running tally Tuesday was $258 million, not counting the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Figures from the Forest Service, part of the Department of Agriculture, were not immediately available..."