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July 31, 2006

Phoenix Fire Visits Chengdu China Fire

From YouTube . Check out Phoenix Fire Department as they visit Chengdu China Fire. Could your department pull off these stunts?

July 21, 2006

Bravest's "Rescue 1" Firefighters Hurt

Daily News reports.

" Walters and Schunk - who both responded to the World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks - were among several firefighters who helped care for a man who fell onto the subway tracks at 57th St. and Seventh Ave. Wednesday.

About five hours before the horrific taxi accident, The News photographed Walters as he helped carry the bloodied man from the subway station....."

July 20, 2006

Firefighter Oral Board Questions

I've posted this link before and don't mean to be redundant but my site statistics tell me a good percentage of my visitors are searching for firefighter exam and oral board information. Here is a link to a site with some key oral board prep questions!


July 17, 2006

ACFD In Action

From YouTube comes this video of the Arlington County Fire Dept.

July 14, 2006

Sawtooth Complex Update From InciWeb

***Update: California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection major incident site.

InciWeb is a new fire information site with tremendous potential. Once they get the kinks worked out it will be a top destination for fire news.

From their page today;

"Current Situation

Size 53,000 acres

Fuels Involved:
Greasewood & Joshua Trees intermixed with fine fuels and pinyon juniper.

Fire Behavior:
Extreme fire behavior in Dry Creek and Mission. Fire continues to push to the south west and north west to forest boundary. Spotting occurred.

Today's Significant Events:
Firing operation proceeded through the night, currently firing along the west side of Yucca Valley to protect homes. Dozers are making good progress on line construction from Burns Canyon to Rattlesnake to prevent the fire from further movement to the north. The Onyx Contingency Group is staffed and is operating in the Onyx Peak area.

Planned Actions:
Complete indirect dozer line from Burns Canyon to Onyx Peak to the west. Continue direct line construction on the south side of the fire to the Millard Complex. Mop-up and patrol operations on the east end of the fire.

Projected Movement:
The western perimeter of the fire continues to be the priority. The fire has now burned into a portion of the San Bernardino Nat'l Forest. Extremely steep rocky terrain is making access difficult as the fire moves west. The fire is projected to spread up to 100 feet per minute in light fuels with spotting up to .3 miles. The Millard and Sawtooth may have merged, to be confirmed by air attack.

Growth Potential:
Terrain Difficulty:
Containment Target:
Containment within the next burn period is unlikely.
The Sawtooth fire is under the management of a Unified Command consisting of the California Department of Forestry, San Bernardino County Fire Department and the United States Forest Service."

July 13, 2006

Fire Chief Father Steps Down For Son

What a great story, what a great dad!

Reported by the Mercury News

"..Faced with a choice of his career or his son's, Jeff Clet accepted a mid-level management position as a battalion chief.

For me, this wasn't a `fire chief' decision,'' Jeff Clet told the Mercury News. This is a decision I made as a father looking out for a son who had done a lot of hard work and prepared himself and deserved an opportunity . . . to start his life and serve San Jose . . . and get the reward and benefit of being able to help people like his dad and grandfather.''

Clet, a 25-year veteran of the department, said his son's career is just beginning, while his is winding down. The 47-year-old, whose last day as chief is Saturday, said he expects to retire within the next five years..."

Sawtooth Complex, Millard Canyon Fires Rage

CBS.2 reports, "...the Sawtooth Complex in Yucca Valley and the Millard Canyon in the San Gorgonio wildlands -- had burned a combined 40,600 acres, according to the California Department of Forestry and the San Bernardino National Forest Fire Information Center.

Both fires were started by lightning strikes on July 9, with high winds fanning the flames amid low humidity.

The Sawtooth Complex fire had burned 37,000 acres and was 15 percent contained as of early Wednesday evening, with no estimate on full containment, according to CDF San Bernardino Firefighter Nick Rossman.

That fire had destroyed 42 houses, 55 outbuildings and 91 vehicles, and caused mandatory evacuations in Pioneertown, Burns Canyon, Flamingo Heights, Rim Rock, Gamma Gulch and Little Morango Canyon, Rossman said. An evacuation center was set up at Yucca Valley High School, Rossman said."

CBS.2 has some decent video coverage on the website.

California Department of Forestry spokeswoman Karen Guillemin stated when asked about the possiblity of the fire heading towards the San Bernardino National Forest and the resort community of Big Bear Lake, "If it starts in there it will be almost impossible to stop".

I was thinking the same thing myself. The winds look in favor of that not happening right now.

Other coverage

July 12, 2006

Yucca Valley, Sawtooth Complex Fire

"She calls herself a firefighter's brat. Her dad was a firefighter, her grandfather a fire chief at Camp Pendleton.

So, it stands to reason that when fire struck her adopted hometown of Yucca Valley that Diane Schroeder would offer to help.

Sukalina Das didn't know Schroeder from Eve until a little after noon Tuesday.

Das; her 12-year-old daughter, Radhika Marvin; and the menagerie of horses, dogs, cats, chickens and rats that make up her home in the Eastline area above Yucca Valley only had a few minutes to get out before the flames from the out-of-control Ridge Fire swept over the home.

They just didn't know it yet.

Das was in the kitchen when she saw the sky darken. She thought the clouds were signs of a squall rolling through.

Then she saw 30-foot flames.."
The Desert Sun

See also LA Times

*Of note Local Fire Blogger

Developing story

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July 07, 2006

Best Wildland Fire Website


Every time I visit WildlandFire.com I find myself clicking link after link. I really like their formula, not prissy just functional and full of great content if you are into reading about wildfires and the persons who fight them.
The photo credit is in the photo link.

Global Warming = More Wildfires?

Scripps News published a new study led by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego today and check out Google News for the worldwide coverage of the study.

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July 01, 2006

747 Jet Becomes Air Tanker

How cool is this?

The pics link from Reuters does not carry a corresponding story. I found information on the aircraft from the company's own site. What a concept, I hope it gets full clearance soon. I'd love to see a demonstration run!

Read or join the discussion on the tankers on Firehouse forums.

Ok I Admit I'm Bird Flu Phobic

UN sees "high" risk of more easily-spread bird flu--

".....Moreover, the widespread distribution of the H5N1 virus in poultry and the continued exposure of humans suggest that the risk of virus evolving into a more transmissible agent in humans remains high," it said.

While the avian virus, which has spread to some 50 countries, remains mostly a disease of birds, experts fear it could mutate into a more transmissible form and spark a pandemic killing millions of people.

The WHO study of human cases of H5N1 between December 2003 and April 2006 -- during which 203 people caught the disease, and 113 of them died -- concluded that children and young adults were most vulnerable to dying after exposure to the strain.


It said the pattern of infections was "reminiscent" of that seen during the 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic which killed 40 million to 50 million people worldwide -- mainly young adults...." continued at Scotsman.com