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December 31, 2007

Senseless; Fire Deaths Mark New Year

The Australian reports the tragic ending that befell 3 truckers caught on a highway in Western Australia on New Years Day 2008.

Three men died and another was injured when an inferno engulfed a truck convoy in the West Australian Goldfields after drivers were told it was safe to drive through a bushfire.
Police found their bodies in two burnt-out trucks amongst a one kilometre stretch of blackened trailers, melted aluminium and twisted metal on the Great Eastern Highway between Southern Cross and Coolgardie about midnight

They were among 15 trucks allowed through a roadblock at 8pm on Sunday even though a potentially dangerous weather change was expected at 9pm.

Some drivers made it to Southern Cross, where one man is believed to have been treated for burns.

But when the fire struck the rest 75km east of Southern Cross they were trapped.

Three died but the rest managed to unhook their trailers and flee back to Coolgardie in their prime movers.

One was John Savage who said the speed of the fire was unbelievable.

"Within 10 seconds she swept over the top of me and I saw another truck pass me," Mr Savage told Network Ten.

"I was on my own for about 20 minutes with my air line, my scarf, Coca Cola, just pouring it over my head, sucking in air as much as I could."

John Goudy said the experience was "just horrible"."

So the new year begins.



December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

From Firefighter Blog a very Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year!

Thank you to all my readers. 2008 will bring some changes to the blog so please stay tuned.

December 11, 2007

Homeowner Discusses How His Home Was Spared

This San Diego County homeowner did all the right things to prevent his home becoming toast during the Witch Fire. His preventive actions caught the attention of his home insurer.

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