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August 23, 2006

Fire Decimates Greek Villages

Wildfire ravaged several vilages in Halkidiki, northern Greece forcing villagers and tourists to seek refuge on the beach where two died.

"At its peak, the fire spread over 25 kilometers and ravaged the village resorts of Polichroni, Hanioti, Pefkohori, Nea Skioni and Kryopigi as thick black smoke covered the area.

The blaze forced thousands of tourists to flee their hotels for the local beaches, where more than 1,200 people boarded boats and coast guard vessels for safety. Others simply spent the night on the beach......"

"A state of emergency was declared in the area and arguments broke out about the readiness of the fire service to deal with the blaze. Forestry experts told Kathimerini that there was not enough planning to combat a fire of this scale...."

Additional coverage

"Hundreds of inhabitants and tourists fled their houses, hotels and tents overnight as the flames approached, the reports said.

'Chaos broke out. The people, including tourists, ran in panic towards the sea to escape the flames and smoke. Children screamed, and the electricity failed. We could see nothing. It was a nightmare,' one lady from the village of Hanioti said.

'Hundreds of houses, dozens of hotels and guest houses have been destroyed. Hundreds of pets and wild animals have perished,' the prefect of the northern Greek port city of Thessaloniki, Panagiotis Psomiadis, told Greek television.

'The flames were spreading like lightning. The fire service couldn't do anything,' he said.

The interior ministry declared the area affected by the wildfires an emergency zone; troops have been ordered to assist the overstretched fire services.

Six fire-fighting aircraft and three helicopters were deployed after daybreak to drop water on the fires..."

August 19, 2006

Incompetent, Near Senile Judge Helps Terrorists

Susan Olasky of WorldViews.com writes,

"Democrats like Harry Reid were thrilled when Judge Anna Diggs Taylor found unconstitutional the NSA's use of secret wiretaps. The New York Times initially editorialized about the "careful, thoroughly grounded opinion,", but today the Times reports that legal scholars on both sides of the issue believe the opinion "overlooked important precedents, failed to engage the government’s major arguments, used circular reasoning, substituted passion for analysis and did not even offer the best reasons for its own conclusions." Yesterday Ann Althouse wondered why the judge wrote such a bad opinion: "It's hard to understand why a judge writing an opinion in such a high-profile case, dealing with such difficult law, would not put immense effort into creating an outward appearance of heavy scholarly effort and pristine neutrality. Does the judge lack the competence to do it?"

Lack of competence? Hell yes. When you can get the New York Times to rethink an anti-Bush action you know your opinion fell off the Earth. Sadly I think it will take something similar to Sept. 11 for the blue state dummies and their operatives to get a clue. Of course we pray that never happens but the ACLU and boobs like this judge invite it.

August 15, 2006

343, Never Forget


Surfing the net this morning I ran accross the Illinois Family Institute which happens to have an image of the Twin Towers under attack. It made me reflect on how horrible the events of that day were and what a sacrifice FDNY made that day.
It also made me re-read Tommy Dunn's story of that terrible day.

August 14, 2006

Harris Poll: Firefighter Most Prestigious Occupation

Media Post Blog quotes findings made by Harris Interactive;

"According to the results of the annual Harris Poll measuring public perceptions of 23 professions and occupations, firefighters, doctors, and nurses are seen as prestigious occupations by U.S. adults, while business executives, stockbrokers and real estate agents are at the opposite end of the spectrum. And at least ¼ of adults think that union leaders, real estate brokers, and actors have “hardly any prestige at all.”

Six occupations are perceived to have “very great” prestige by at least half of all adults:

  • firefighters (63%)
  • doctors (58%)
  • nurses (55%)
  • scientists (54%)
  • teachers (52%)
  • military officers (51%)"

August 12, 2006

N.W. Fires Roar, N.Z and Australia Send Aid

The large, active fire map reminds us of the continued crisis in the northwest.
New Zealand and Australia are sending personnel, up to 100 firefighters to help where needed.

As noted before these fires and the stories surrounding them are completely ignored by the visual media. I've seen more fire film from the hills of Israel and Southern Lebanon than our own shores lately. What a shame!

August 07, 2006

Fire Fighter Meal Planner

IAFF calls it, "an exciting new planning tool featuring simple, healthy meals that fire fighters can prepare on the job".

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August 01, 2006

Western Fire Resources Stretched


Check out this map for a list of current active large fires. With all the international news dominating headlines the great efforts of out Nation's firefighting force is going unnoticed for the most part.

The image to the right shows smoke from Northern California, July 31.

Detailed active Fire News.