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January 22, 2008

2007 Firefighter Fatalities

USFA Releases Provisional 2007 Firefighter Fatality Statistics

  • 115 on-duty firefighter deaths in 2007
  • Firefighters lost in 33 States
  • 54 died of heart attacks or strokes
  • 10 died fighting wildland fires
  • 19 caught or trapped in structure fires
  • 20% of fatalities were from responding to or returning from incidents
  • Lack of seat belt use contributed to total
  • 64% of fatalities occurred while performing emergency duties



January 13, 2008

Devilish Flames WhirlingThrough NE Tasmania

AAP reports via Yahoo News the town of Priory in NE Tasmania is in danger of being consumed by a wildfire fanned by gale force winds.

"Firefighters are racing to combat a major bushfire burning out of control and threatening a small town on Tasmania's north-east tip.

The fire, estimated to have burned more than 200 hectares of forest, began about 1pm Sunday near Ericksons Road at Goshen, north-east of St Helens, Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) spokesman Shane Batt said. "The fire is burning out of control. It has jumped the Tasman Highway and is encroaching on the town of Priory," he told AAP.

Fire crews have been sent to Priory to support units already on the scene and a helicopter has been sent to try to define the boundaries of the blaze, although the area is blanketed by thick smoke."

Tasmania Fire Service has a nice interactive fire map of ongoing fires. Check it out!



January 04, 2008

California Wildfire Season Takes A Break!


I've never seen this before!

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