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March 23, 2008

Revisiting Hyperion; The World's Tallest Tree

Awhile back I pointed to the World's tallest tree, named Hyperion. A recent comment on that post by Oregon Arborist Mario D. Vaden re-opened the subject.

Vaden's Grove of Titans website offers great photos, links and general information about these magnificent giants.

One link points readers to the a video of forest professionals climbing Hyperion.

Have a look.

If you are a fan of redwood trees and the forests they reside in I suggest a review of Mario Vaden's photo galleries.

Photo credit as per direction Grove of Titans Redwoods by M.D Vaden.


March 16, 2008

McCain & Firefighters

Firefighters will be better served by McCain. He is from Arizona and maintains a ranch in rural Sedona. No doubt his property has been threatened more than once by wildfire.

He was a pilot and relied on fire crews as he took off and landed from his aircraft carrier. As a young pilot he experienced the power of fire first hand escaping a deck fire on the USS Forrestal.
He shares a natural affinity with air tanker pilots, something his opponent cannot say.

McCain will support firefighters and their needs.


March 08, 2008

Firefighter Blog Around The World

I love maps, I especially like the map of the world that shows where visitors to this blog come from. Communist countries like North Korea, Cuba, China and Russia don't send many viewers because most limit internet use. Some utopia huh?
The one reader from Mongolia who surfed through, the four or five visitors from Siberia, thanks!

Take a look at the Sahara Desert and central Africa. Zaire, Zambia, Uganda, Chad. Libya, Mauritania north and east on the continent, none. One reader from Sudan.
From the Muslim regions some Dubai and the UAE citizens click on. A few readers from Iraq, no doubt American military. How many in Iran are denied the right to see the world from the web?

I have friends in Queensland Australia and blog often on the bush fires there. My posts on the tragic fires in Greece last year invited unbelievable traffic from southern Europe.

This map points to the disparity of wealth worldwide.

Every community worldwide has someone who responds to fires. My affinity is with the first responders in India, rural Argentina, Serbia and Canton China. Political affiliations mean little when these community heroes answer the alarm.

I am thankful for all the visitors to Firefighter Blog worldwide.


Firefighter Blogs, Gadgets, Spring Forward

Firefighter Blog readers may have noticed the chat gizmo on the upper right of the sidebar. Google is forever coming up with innovations and this one has already proved useful.
For instance, the other night I was notified via a polite beep that someone was shooting me a chat message from the blog.

Turns out it was from a fellow fire blogger by the name of Bill Gabbert from South Dakota. Bill operates Wildfire Today, a slick blog operated by a veteran wildland firefighter.
We exchanged links. We all have another resource to consult as fire season approaches.

One of Bill's articles highlights an OSHA summary of the Esperanza Fire that claimed the lives of five firefighters on October 26, 2006 in the San Bernardina National Forest. I'd never seen this particular overhead image of the deadly scene. Some homes are not worth saving.

Remember to push the clock forward tonight. The day we go to daylight savings each year is one of my favorites. More day to enjoy, closer to barbecue season and it means summer is not far away.

It also means I have to get my tomatoes in the ground!!

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March 03, 2008

Eco Terrorists Putting Firefighters At Risk

See the video here of the work of eco-terrorists in an upscale neighborhood near Seattle.

Uninformed dropouts trying to save the world. How abut that? These criminals don't give a damn about first responders. When they are apprehended the justice system should lay the hammer down on these punks.

According to this news account of the incident the criminals may have targeted firefighters.

"Firefighters were not allowed near the homes, officials said, for fear of booby traps. Eastman said the blazes, which began at about 4 a.m. local time, were set at six houses. Three have been completely destroyed and two others seriously damaged.....

ELF is an underground movement launched in the United Kingdom in 1992. The now defunct Earth Liberation Front Press Office said the group uses "economic sabotage and guerrilla warfare to stop the exploitation and destruction of the natural environment."
Members of the group have been blamed for embedding spikes in trees to cause injury to loggers using power saws.

The FBI in 2001 classified ELF as the top domestic terror threat in the U.S.
Today's blazes come as the trial of a 32-year-old woman charged in an ELF fire-bomb attack at the University of Washington in 2001 gets underway. Briana Waters, a violin teacher, is accused of serving as a lookout for arsonists who destroyed the Tacoma campus's Center for Urban Horticulture, which was rebuilt at a cost of $7 million"
...more at World Net Daily